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How to Tell If Your Computer Is Infected with Malware

If your Internet is slowing down, your computer might be infected with malware. Malware tends to hijack your browser and redirects you to an advertising page. Adware will then attach toolbars to your browser window, which will turn your computer into a zombie that posts explicit content to attract more victims. Once the malware has settled into your system, your computer will then start to crash.

Take Back Your Computer

If your computer is already infected with malware, we can help take your computer back with our malware removal service. We will get rid of all malware and other gunk slowing down your computer before it bogs down and crashes. Once we are done working on your system, you can then use your Internet safely, without the threat of fraud and identity theft.

We Do It Fast

Malware removal doesn’t have to take days or even weeks. Once we start working on your computer, we will remove malware quickly so that you can use your computer again without any issues. We understand that computers are important tools, that’s why we work double time so that you can be able to use your computer again.

PC Repair City will remove malware and other viruses that might be infecting your system using special techniques and programs that do not require a complete reformat. Call us now at (702) 966-5332, or you can also take your unit to our office, located at Las Vegas, NV.